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Observation works on the human being

“Estudios de Anatomía” was the first of his series as an artist, born during the beginning of his studies on the Visual Arts (2006)
This series reflects his interest in the human body, deciphering it and finding a way to represent it in each one of his works.

The first glance of a vision that would grow with seemingly no end, finding its way into the human body.
His technique is Feather Pen and Ink on the canvas.
His first work of “Estudios de Anatomía” surged from the observation of meat, a piece of Bola de Lomo, which kickstarted multiple of his works.

―Si lo que quiero es dibujar el ser humano.. ¿De qué está hecho? De carne. ¿Qué somos?
In other words: ―If what I seek to draw is the human being… What is it made from? Of flesh. What are we? Flesh!

His works are documents, investigation results, and reflections on the human body, a record that is drawn on cloth and is known as “Estudio de
anatomía según…”

SEA_CABEZA  21 X 30_op_web.jpg
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