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The release of the mind in the search for creativity

The “Instancias Visuales” series is the result of poetic composition about studies and concrete experiences. 

 Its execution differs greatly from “Estudios de Anatomía”.

 A freeing and creative process; the artist fills his mind with an idea, a word, a sentence that seduces him, and reflects on it until feeling fulfilled.

 After a ringing, the creation process starts on the canvas. The pen draws ink without stopping, its sketch is no more than a mind crowded with thoughts on the word, the experience, or the idea.

 The result is an image with ever-changing interpretations, and the spectator is the key to its transformation.

 It invites us to give the artwork five glances: One that is superficial that recognizes concrete forms. A second one that stops at its boundaries. A third one that looks in the varying sizes figures. A fourth one that searches for secrets, captivated by the hidden messages. And the final glance, a childish one that builds its images based on the suggestions the art gives.

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